Stirling Summer Festival attracts folk icon Dougie MacLean to Stirling Highland Games 2019

Ceangail has evolved its annual Stirling Highland Games over the last 5 years into the now popular Summer Festival with this year’s event attracting one of Scotland’s leading singer-songwriters to the main stage as part of the evening’s summer sessions.

With last year’s Festival attracting almost 5500, the team behind the event are pulling out all the stops to continue its growth. “We are probably looking to attract an additional 1000 to 1500 visitors to Stirling,” explains Matt McGrandles, Director at Ceangail. “We were all really delighted with last year’s event but have also taken on board some of the comments we get from visitors, businesses and sponsors. One of the main aims for this year was to connect our fringe performances with the live music sessions in the evening. As such you can now come and enjoy a whole afternoon and evening of performances within our Creative Arts Festival area.”

This year’s summer festival boasts 3 main attractions which all attract a different demographic but all offer that family-friendly vibe the organisers are aiming for. Stirling Highland Games continues to attract an overseas contingent with an interest in Scotland and its heritage, whilst the Food & Drink Festival continues to reach out to food lovers from throughout the UK to come and sample some of Scotland’s best produce. Lastly, the Creative Arts Festival brings its own chilled out summer vibe with many a festival goer looking for that quality food experience mixed in with some fun, being entertained and dancing the night away.

You can see the progression of the event since 2014 and with the new 3-year plan that aims to attract 10,000 festival visitors from 2020 the Ceangail team know how crucial their 2019 event is. You can appreciate the background work this team do, with Matt speaking to artists in between fundraising for the event. “There are a few artists I am keen to be part of the event and Dougie MacLean is one of them. He is an absolute legend of the folk scene as well as the creator of what I think is Scotland’s best song. I love hearing Caledonia. For him to say yes to us this year was amazing and I know it’s going to be a cracking evening for everyone.”

If you are looking for a friendly, affordable Festival with an amazing lineup of things to see, do, taste and enjoy then make sure Stirling Summer Festival on August 17th is on your to-do list this summer. Discounted Festival Pass tickets can be bought online in advance via the website.

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