Fair Work First

Policy Statement

Ceangail CIC is committed to advancing the Fair Work First criteria, specifically:
1. We have an appropriate channel for effective employee voice
•We engage in constructive dialogue with our employees and their Trade Union representatives to address workplace issues and disputes.
•Employees are offered supportive contact with their supervisor
•We have measures in place to support employees in the workplace and have zero tolerance of bullying and other forms of abuse and harassment.
2. We invest in workforce development
•Our workforce strategy aims to inspire and empower our workforce to embrace new ways of working and are committed to making a difference.
•Our Staff handbook sets out how all employees are expected to behave at work, creating a better working environment for all
•We provide learning opportunities for employees at all levels
•We are committed to providing opportunities for young people through appropriate channels
•Formal and informal learning is offered and encouraged across the workforce, relating to specific roles as well as wider development
•We will survey staff about health, safety and wellbeing matters from time to time to inform policy priorities and development
3. We do not use zero-hours contracts inappropriately
•Supply and casual contracts are only used when necessary and workers on these contracts are not obliged to accept work when this is offered
•We do not use supply and casual contracts to fill longer-term vacancies
•We have a clear policy allowing workers to move from a supply/casual contract to a temporary contract where a longer-term need for the work has been identified
4. We take action to tackle the gender pay gap and create a more diverse and inclusive workplace
•We will be proactive in ensuring we continue to understand any perceived barriers to employment
•We gather data to understand our workforce diversity and pay gap information
•We support flexible working
•We offer many employees the opportunity to adopt a blended workstyle, a blend of working from home or at a suitable location for the delivery of our work
5. We commit to paying the Real Living Wage
•We support the real living wage
6. We offer flexible and family-friendly working practices for all workers from day one of employment
These include
•Parental Leave
•Neonatal Leave
•Parental Bereavement Leave (including those who have a miscarriage and partners)
•Compassionate and other special leave
7. We oppose the use of fire and rehire practice
•We only consider effecting change where there is a legitimate business need
•We strive to achieve change through agreement

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