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About Ceangail CIC

Ceangail CIC is a social enterprise based in central Scotland. We Connect communities through our project delivery by bringing together a variety of stakeholders that are supportive of our mission to provide creative solutions for young adults to learn, develop and upskill themselves in. We believe that a vocational approach has a greater impact in the learning process, providing more engagement as well as opportunities.

Our Mission

Ceangail CIC is on a mission to provide opportunities for young adults 16+ to develop their employability skills through our Skills Connect programmes.

Become The Solution

Our Skills Connect training offer young adults real opportunities to learn.

Our Impact Story So far

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Our Board, Advisory Group and Staff

Matt McGrandles Chair of Ceangail Training Academy

Matt McGrandles

Matt is the Founder of Ceangail overseeing strategy, business development and project delivery.

Una McLachlan

Una is our volunteer Director of HR, overseeing all human resources and appointment of Staff.

Bob McGowan

Bob McGowan has been a specialist advisor to the Executive Director since 2015.

Graham Lilley

Graham is our volunteer Director of Finance [Treasurer], overseeing budgets and forecasts for the CIC.

Ross Caldwell

Ross Caldwell joins the team as Project Manager.

Our Environmental Mission

The Board at Ceangail CIC is looking to support our environmental aim of offsetting our events each year by giving something back to the planet. Just like our transformational events, we are providing an opportunity for all our stakeholders to join us, in planting a tree for life so as to reduce the event carbon footprint. If you are attending one of our events, please click the link below and commit to offsetting by planting 1 tree in our Grove, helping us become a more responsible social enterprise in Scotland.

What is the 3rd Sector?

The 3rd Sector is made up of 3 distinct organisational models namely Charities | Social Enterprises | and Voluntary Organisations. Ceangail CIC [Community Interest Company] is a social enterprise limited by guarantee with an asset lock, and is approved by the CIC Regulator. It has a core social mission as well as an environment mission. The organisation is Governed by a Board of Directors, none of whom are related, and who report to Companies House as well as HMRC just like most other businesses.


Ceangail CIC has membership with the following organisations.

Social Enterprise UK


Forth Valley Chamber

Funder Connect

Our Projects provide a ready-made solution for your organisation to engage with the community.

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