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The Skills Connect Academy supports young people aged 16+ by providing them with vocational-style training opportunities and solutions that prepare them for the world of work. We do this by involving these young adults in practical learning sessions during live Projects. The Educators that support our delivery are passionate about helping young people succeed and our delivery style creates a safe environment for them to develop these transferrable skills.

Skills Connect is a 3-day vocational training programme providing young people with an opportunity to develop and learn essential skills needed in the workplace:

  • 1-day [stand alone] Essential Skills Sessions;
  • Day 2 includes practical taster sessions;
  • Day 3 is on site at the event where young people can choose which practical element they wish to be part of.

Skills Connect – Project

  • A 26-week vocational training programme providing young people with an opportunity to develop, learn and deliver a Project of their choice.

Skills Connect – Changing Track

  • A 2/3 hr morning or afternoon dynamic roadshow style session offering young people an opportunity to engage with and listen to how high-level sports people deal with mental health and stressful situations on their journey to success.

Skills Connect – My Scotland

COMING in 2024. Scotland-wide tourism-related project where young people are the driving force in inspiring others to visit their area through a reference website.

If you work with young people aged 16+ and believe there is an employability skill set we should be looking at developing a solution for, please do share your thoughts with us so we can look at how we solve the issue.

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Funders We Have Worked With

As a not for profit Ceangail works extremely hard to secure support from a broad range of businesses and grant funders. We are extremely grateful to be working with these organisations that have supported our projects, enabling our vision to deliver quality events whilst supporting young people develop employability skills.

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Get in touch with us to start the ball rolling and discuss how our solutions can support you.

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