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Connecting Organisations With Their Community

The Team at Ceangail has 25 years of experience creating and providing solutions for organisations to support communities through their CSR and marketing channels. We have the expertise and the team to make a difference and with the support of our funders we can continue using events to inspire young people, develop their employability skills and become part of their journey towards employment.

Funder Connect will align your organisation with one of our projects, with the results creating real impact across many sectors. Stakeholders in your organisation will feel good in knowing you have played a part in our Projects and helped us make a difference.

As a Funder of one of our Projects below, your CSR or marketing teams will have access to our impact reports, which can be included in your own reporting of how your organisation connects with the community. More and more people are looking at researching how organisations include transformational support into their day to day business. If your organisation is looking for solutions, that can be delivered by an experienced team and that provides real impact, then we would love to work with you.

"It is always nice to work with such a professional event team who care passionately about the work they do to promote events in Scotland. The feedback from everyone who has performed as part of a Ceangail event has been extremely positive."
Stuart Mitchell

Support an Event

Stirling Highland Games

Stirling Highland Games is Stirling’s leading annual cultural sporting event attracting up to 8000 visitors to the area. We have developed the event offering since 2014 to not just include watching highland games competitions but to also enjoy a food and drinks experience and creative arts. Funding opportunities include becoming a Patron; Partner; Supporter; and Friend of Stirling Highland Games.

Caledonia Festival

Caledonia Festival is our Winter Festival delivered in Scotland but with a global reach. We are looking to deliver our St Andrew's Day celebration event in 1 location but showcase 4 or more creative art forms. This day-long festival will attract visitors to the host region from all over Scotland, which will then benefit many sectors. There are various levels of opportunities for funders to support and get involved in including Headline Partner; Regional Sponsor; and Supporter.

Funders We Have Worked With

As a not for profit Ceangail works extremely hard to secure support from a broad range of businesses and grant funders. We are extremely grateful to be working with these organisations that have supported our projects, enabling our vision to deliver quality events whilst supporting young people develop employability skills.

Funder Connect

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