Ceangail | Scots Gaelic meaning ‘to connect’ and pronounced key-an-gal

Project Management

We connect communities through our creative Project delivery by attracting social investment from stakeholders interested in the transformational impact of our local, regional and national Project opportunities.

Ceangail CIC

Training Academy

We support young people aged between 16 and 40 on their journey towards employment from providing; the advancement of education and learning; the advancement of citizenship and community development; and the advancement of the arts, heritage, culture and science.

Ceangail Training Academy

What We Do


Develop skills
Build confidence
Meet new people



Stirling Highland Games
Caledonia Festival
Changing Track


Into Events, Into Media and
Into Heritage training

About Ceangail

Ceangail CIC [SC437704] is a social enterprise that delivers projects and events and is committed to providing practical training opportunities for young people.
Ceangail Training Academy SCIO [SC049598] is a registered Scottish charity that is committed to changing the way young people aged 16 to 40 learn.