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Ceangail’s Training Academy is set around a practical learning environment. We offer young people the opportunity to develop their core and soft skill set with more of a focus on the practical side of learning. Our programmes provide necessary ongoing support on their journey towards employment.

Candidates assess their own development, reflected within a pre and post evaluation; have the opportunity to put their learning into practice on a Ceangail project or one managed on behalf of another organisation; receive Ceangail certificates on completion; can add Ceangail to their CV as work experience and a reference.

Core Skills Development

1. Working with Others

Learn how to plan and carry out projects in small groups

2. Numeracy

Learn to be comfortable with numbers in everyday life

3. Information Technology

Get to grips with computers, software and the internet

4. Communication

Develop spoken and written communication skills

5. Problem Solving

Develop useful life skills in thinking, planning and organizing

Soft Skills Development

1. Working with others

Team work, getting on with people, respecting others

2. Communication

Speaking, listening, paying attention

3. Setting & Achieving Goals

Motivation, planning, problem solving

4. Managing Feelings

Managing problems

5. Confidence

Self esteem, self respect, self aware, dealing with nerves

6. Reliability

Time Keeping, attendance, taking responsibility

A Journey Towards Employment

Below are details of the current courses available from Ceangail.  If you are aged 16-40 and not in education, employment or training, our educators are ready and waiting to help you develop your employability potential. 

Contact us for more information on these courses. 


Into Events (20 hours in 1 week)

Our Into Events training programme surrounds the exciting events sector with training taking place over 3 x 3 hour classroom sessions followed by a practical event work experience.  Candidates work on a number of subject areas both individually as well as within teams and will then have the opportunity to put their learning immediately into action by volunteering at the event.  They will be paired with a staff member or experienced volunteer to have the best chance to develop their learning, skills and self confidence.  All the while showcasing themselves to potential future employers.

Into Heritage Tours (20 hours in 1 week)

Our Into Heritage Tours training programme surrounds becoming a local Tour Guide with training taking place during a morning and afternoon session followed by a practical tour experience.  Our programme includes gaining local historical knowledge in relaxed and friendly surroundings whilst working as part of a team.

Into Digital (30 hours over 10 weeks)

Our Into Digital training programme surrounds Forth Valley TV – an online Newsroom style digital filming experience with a 3 hour training session taking place over 10 weeks and incorporating a training and filming session each week.  As part of the newsroom team, candidates will select, produce and create their weekly feature.

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